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CouchDB Interviews: Jan Lehnardt posted 28/08/2019 by liv

This is an interview with Jan Lehnardt. Jan is part of the CouchDB Support team at Neighbourhoodie, as well as VP of Apache CouchDB at the Apache Software Foundation.

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CouchDB Interviews: Joan Touzet posted 28/08/2019 by liv

This is an interview with Joan Touzet. Joan is Head of CouchDB Support at Neighbourhoodie, is a CouchDB committer, and also sits on the Apache Software Foundation Board of Directors.

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Join us at the CouchDB Meetup in Berlin! posted 13/08/2019 by liv

Right before ApacheCon Europe in Berlin, we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a special CouchDB meetup!

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News for Greenkeeper: pnpm, Yarn Workspaces, License Change Alerts and more posted 25/06/2019 by liv

In the months since we’ve last published new features for Greenkeeper, we have been working on making our service more robust and secure, as well as adding some functionality that you might be interested in. Read on for the changelog!

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An Interview about CouchDB with Jan Lehnardt posted 23/06/2019 by liv

In case you missed it, our CEO Jan Lehnardt got interviewed in IBM’s Database Deep Dives series. In their post, he shares his insight as one of the leaders for the Apache CouchDB project, as well as database design in general. Check it out here!

A Different Approach to Conference Goodies posted 18/06/2019 by team

It was the height of the conference season in Berlin a few weeks ago, with CSSconf EU and JSConf EU happening back to back. At Neighbourhoodie we’re not only participating with our own booth, but our CEOs Simone & Jan are also part of the organising team of JSConf EU and worked tirelessly for the last nine months to help make the weekend a phenomenal success for all attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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Congratulations posted 23/05/2019 by jan

The entire Greenkeeper team congratulates the folks at Dependabot for their acquisition by GitHub and their integration into the GitHub Platform.

Today, we are excited to learn that more GitHub users are going to benefit from many of the best practices we helped pioneer for developing software with automated support tools.

We believe this is beneficial for the dev-tool ecosystem and its users and will result in better, more reliable, more secure and more up-to-date software for everybody.

The Greenkeeper service is going to continue just like before. Our SaaS and Enterprise customers as well as our open-source users can continue to rely on our take on dependency updates and we are always welcoming new users and customers who want to try out Greenkeeper-style dependency updates.

An Offline-First Todo List with Svelte, PouchDB and CouchDB posted 10/05/2019 by alex

Today, we’re combining Svelte, the lean and fast frontend compiler, with PouchDB and CouchDB, and building a lightweight, Offline-First todo list app. It’ll sync your todos between multiple devices for offline use and also keep your data in a central backup database.

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Introduction to Semantic Release posted 30/04/2019 by liv

(this post was originally released on the Greenkeeper Blog)

In our last blog post, we talked about SemVer and how it helps communicate changes in your software. Now we’ll have a look at taking it a step further and completely automating our software releases. We do this by using a tool called Semantic Release.

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Introduction to SemVer posted 30/04/2019 by irina

(this post was originally released on the Greenkeeper Blog)

Why does software have version numbers? Version numbers come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common: they signify that one release of a piece of software is different from another release of the same software. So one of the reasons software has version numbers is to show progress, e.g version 2.0.0 comes after version 1.0.0.

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