Unreliable infrastructure impacts the functionality of your software.

Offline First technology makes the user face of your software work stable even if the infrastructure is unreliable. By deciding to go Offline First with your software you decide for a more accessible software creating a great user experience for everyone. We are happy to help you with the first steps or even further.

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Neighbourhoodie Software convinced us with their professional work and expertise. They helped us create an action plan enabling our app to run offline.


Our development services are long-term. They can start even before you start your project or during the ongoing development process. Our development service is customised according to your individual needs. There are different ways how you can make use of our help:

  • Integrate us in your team and let us work directly with you for your project
  • Let us help you kick off your project
  • Let us be your backup for upcoming questions during your work


If you just need short-termed help in an ongoing project our consulting services are the perfect fit. No matter if you are in development or already in production, if you are running into problems, we are happy to help.

  • Solve problems within a running development process
  • Help you get unstuck


We run workshops and offer consulting on the following Offline First topics:

  • Problem awareness: why focus on offline functionality?
  • Technical possibilities: how do you build offline-capable web apps?
  • Design and usability issues: how do you design an offline-capable service and interface?
  • Potentials for improvement: what can we do, and how does it improve UX?

In addition to this generalised training workshop, we also offer concrete project-based consulting when planning new apps or improving existing software to work better offline.

Our workshops are remote and take place during our business hours, 10:00-18:00 CET.