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Offline First

Build robust software for the real world

Most internet use today is mobile. Mobile devices are occasionally offline. If your software can’t handle that, your customers will be frustrated. Offline First is a mindset and a movement focused on building reliable applications that provide a fast and satisfying user experience even on unreliable networks.

While saying "mobile internet" is now about as anachronistic as saying "colour TV", apps and services are still often designed under the assumption that networks are perfect and always available. This assumption has long been undermining the work of many designers and developers, and we’ve been working on changing that since 2013.

Designing with the Offline-First mindset makes your apps:

This can provide a distinct functional advantage over your competition, and can help you stay connected to your offline customers.

Why us?

We initiated the Offline First way of thinking about software design, and have been hard at work helping our customers fulfil and exceed their requirements ever since. Our company has completed a range of challenging offline-capable apps in different industries on the leading edge of technical feasibility.

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Technologies we use

Apache CouchDB

The open source database that makes our offline first technology possible. It is resilient, reliable and robust. With its unique replication feature it powers everything from Big Data to personal data.

Our CouchDB consulting and support services


Designed to sync with CouchDB as well as run flawlessly in browsers, it is a crucial tool when building client-side apps with robust syncing requirements.

Our PouchDB consulting and support services


Hoodie is a backend providing user authentication, data persistence and offline-sync out of the box, and can be easily extended using plugins. Its front-end friendly APIs empower user experience designers and developers to build entire applications, without being limited by back-end constraints. Hoodie pioneered Offline First design principles on the web.

IBM Cloudant

Built on the open source Apache® CouchDB™ database, Cloudant is a fully-managed data layer for building Offline First apps that are fast and responsive, even without a reliable network connection. With Cloudant you can:

Offline-First with Cloudant

Learn more about Offline First

Read the introduction and then follow up on A List Apart. Visit a local event, join the Offline First Chat, catch up on what we’ve been up to on the Offline First blog, or find general information at

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