Software should just work. Online or offline.

We believe in robust and resilient applications as the main factor for social impact and economic growth as well as a key tool for entering new markets. In times of digitalisation the keys to success are high quality and technical standards. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and years of experience with Offline First apps, CouchDB, and PouchDB.

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Innovation. Inclusion. Independence.

As a multidisciplinary team we are driven to deliver state of the art products for our clients, teach others about the exciting parts of databases, JavaScript, and why going offline-first is now more important than ever. While doing all this we look out for each other and practise a welcoming culture.
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Expertise. Knowledge. Precision.

Experience and the ambition to constantly think outside the box have led us to a great range of expertise in various fields. While Offline First is our core passion, CouchDB is the database that makes our projects possible, and Greenkeeper is responsible to save us precious work time with its automated dependency management.
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