We are actively involved in the development of Apache CouchDB — some of us for more than 15 years!

We are happy to assist with your project or establish a reliable and robust database if you are starting anew.

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We have been using CouchDB and PouchDB for many years and really enjoy having direct contact with the developers for support and also receiving their expert feedback on our system architecture.

Production Support

  • Ticket-based long-time support
  • Get support whenever you need while you are in production
  • Architecture Review included
  • Opservatory included
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Architecture Review

  • One-time analysis using our Opservatory collector software
  • Large scale analysis of your CouchDB and infrastructure by our expert team
  • Learn about existing problems and get hands-on experience to solve them
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Products and Services

  • We are developing tools which make working with CouchDB safer, easier and more efficient.
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Let us help you get started with CouchDB, or simply get the best out of that database.

Our training includes:

  • How CouchDB works and which problems it’s best suited to solve
  • In-depth look at what makes CouchDB so robust and reliable
  • Advantages and tradeoffs of a non-relational database like CouchDB
  • Designing efficient data structures and queries
  • Deep dives into replication, compaction, CouchDB revisions, clusters, backups… the works

CouchDB Binaries

Download official CouchDB binaries, sponsored by Neighbourhoodie.

Current Version: 3.3.3-3

Older Versions