CouchDB Support

Whether you’ve just started thinking about it, are taking first steps with it, or are already solidly betting on CouchDB, there are many things you might be worried about: scale, security, speed, the layout of your architecture… whatever the case may be: with our decade of CouchDB experience, we can most certainly help.

We offer various support options for different circumstances, scopes and time-spans. Have a look at our CouchDB support options, our various training services or contact us if you’d like a more individual offer.

(Note: We are happy to offer long-term support for CouchDB 1.x as well)

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CouchDB Support and Services

We offer a variety of CouchDB Support Packages to accommodate your individual needs: from small, one-off inspections and architecture reviews to long-term, continuous support contracts.

1. CouchDB Service Package

Our CouchDB Services without long-term contracts start with an Inspection of your CouchDB nodes. You can book the Inspection by itself or as an entry-level service and add further CouchDB Services on top.

The Inspection is a one-time remote analysis of one to six CouchDB nodes. The result is a written report pointing out potential problems of your CouchDB, along with actionable approaches to solve them. Get a more detailed report by booking our Architecture Review on top. This includes a review of the Inspection results by our CouchDB Support team with regard to your specific system infrastructure. Our CouchDB Support team will add instructions for resolving existing issue and improving your setup in general.

Both Inspection and Architecture Review can be complemented by a personal consultation with our CouchDB Support Team. You can choose between email support and book three development tickets to escalate some issues to our team or you can book a combination of email support and a one hour call with one of our CouchDB Support Team members and talk through open questions regarding your individual setup.

These services are suitable if:

2. CouchDB Support

Long-term, in-depth support for either the development or production phase of your project. Includes Inspection and Architecture Review, and gives you permanent access to our ticketing system, allowing you to contact some our CouchDB experts directly. These services are suitable if:

These packages allow you to get the absolute maximum out of your CouchDB setup, and give you the highest confidence in your database.