CouchDB Support

Whether you’ve just started thinking about it, are taking first steps with it, or are already solidly betting on CouchDB, there are many things you might be worried about: scale, security, speed, the layout of your architecture… whatever the case may be, we can help.

We offer various support options for different circumstances, scopes and time-spans. Have a look at our CouchDB support options, our multiple training services or contact us if you’d like a more individual offer.

Development Support

We’ll get you unstuck when you’re unsure whether you got your application architecture planned out correctly, or when you need assistance with a tricky reduce function, or advice on which CouchDB client to use. If it relates to CouchDB, we’re the people to ask.

What this package includes:

CouchDB development support, initial architecture review, performance tuning, security checks and code reviews.


Monthly cost (plus VAT if applicable)
  Contract duration
  12 months 6 months 3 months
Tickets per month
5 (Small) 900 € 1.080 € 1.296 €
12 (Medium) 1.100 € 1.320 € 1.584 €
21 (Large) 1.900 € 2.280 € 2.736 €

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Production Support

You are in production, CouchDB is humming along nicely, but you want to sleep well at night knowing you’ve got the right insurance in case things go wrong. Our CouchDB production support is that insurance.

How it works:

We get you set up so that production issues with CouchDB should have minimal impact on your business. We will analyse your production issues and suggest improvements. If catastrophe should strike, we have powerful, custom-built data recovery tools that can save your business when all else seems lost.




You need support…


Your preferred contract length is…


1 production ticket
2 development tickets


3 production tickets
6 development tickets


7 production tickets
9 development tickets

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Disclaimer: All pricing information is preliminary and based on previous experience with other CouchDB support clients. Actual prices may vary in order to accomodate unusual or unsupported configurations.