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Apache CouchDB is the first choice for geographically distributed database solutions. From cross data-centre clusters to Offline First mobile and web solutions, CouchDB’s unique replication feature powers everything from Big Data to personal data.

CouchDB is designed for ease-of-use, both in development and operation. Built around web standards like HTTP and JSON and with operational best practices in mind, CouchDB is the database for modern application development. With its relentless focus on reliability and data protection, CouchDB is ready for your mission critical systems. CouchDB, and its family of replicating projects like PouchDB, Cloudant and Couchbase Mobile, are the only Open Source alternative to systems like Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s Cognito Mobile Sync, Google’s Firebase and Microsoft’s Azure Offline Sync for Mobile Services. These are great solutions, but they all exhibit some form of vendor lock-in, or the risk of being sunsetted (such as Facebook’s commercial Parse offering). In this offline-first Backend as a Service model, CouchDB and its family are your only truly open option.

CouchDB is released under the business friendly Open Source Apache 2.0 License.

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