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Book your remote CouchDB inspection and additional CouchDB Services here: This is the fastest way to get feedback on your database setup and help from our CouchDB Team.

Find out more about the CouchDB inspection services.

Note that you will be required to run a small node.js application to gather diagnostic data and statistics from your database. This saves you having to give us direct access to your machines, and allows you to review exactly which data we will receive from you. The application itself does not transmit any data, but only produces a zipped JSON file which you can inspect before sending it to us. You will receive this collector program as soon as the order and the contract have been processed.

All prices are plus VAT if applicable. As soon as we receive your order we will send back a contract for you to sign. After the contract is signed we will send the collector program and an invoice. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding either contract or invoice.



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