Case Study

Machine fluid management application

For a medium-sized company we developed a web-based digital product to measure and analyze the operating values of metal processing machines. The intent behind this is to allow companies that own machines track various fluid levels regularly, for the application to, for example, send alerts when a fluid is empty or at the wrong value, as well as to gain a quick overview of the entire fleet of machines using a special graph-based dashboard.

The application not only includes a very sophisticated fluid management solution, but also extends to being able to register and manage customers in a SaaS fashion. Being built on CouchDB, PouchDB and other offline-first technologies, the app is fully usable offline – which is critical in factory environments where reception may be limited. The application is intended to run in a SaaS environment, so features like billing are included.

The application was developed in an iterative and agile approach by our small project team and the customer. It is not only in use on large production units, but also outperforms competing products.