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Offline First

Make your software work offline

Most internet use today is mobile.
Mobile devices are occasionally offline.
If your software can’t handle that, your customers will be frustrated.

Offline First is a mindset and a movement focused on reliable applications working independently from an internet connection while providing a fast user experience.

Most internet use, especially in emerging markets and among young people, is from mobile devices. And mobile devices are necessarily offline from time to time, leading to frustration among users when they use apps and services designed under the assumption that networks are perfect and always available. This assumption has long been a foundation of designers’ and developers’ work, and we’ve been changing that since 2013.

It’s easy to connect with online customers. What about everyone else?

The Offline First design paradigm helps your business stay connected to your customers, even if they’re disconnected. It makes your apps:

  • more robust (your service is always available and can generate revenue)
  • more reliable (for example, in developing markets with unreliable networks. Or on subways. Or mountaintops. Anywhere, really.)
  • Zero-latency user experience (your app and data are on the user’s device)
  • more useful to your users (a better experience with fewer disruptions)

This can provide a distinct functional advantage over your competition. And we can help you stay connected to your offline customers.

What we offer

On-site and remote

Offline First Training

Workshops and consulting on the following Offline First topics:

  • Problem awareness
  • Technical possibilities
  • Design and usability issues
  • Potentials for improvement

We also offer concrete project-based consulting when planning new apps or adapting existing software to work better offline.

  • Visit us in our Berlin office or have us come to yours.
  • Remote consulting during our EU Business Hours, 9:00-18:00 CET


Architecture Review

Architecture review for offline capable software, focusing on

  • Syncing strategies
  • Data schemas and models
  • Caching
  • Various other backend concerns.
  • Remote reviews during EU Business Hours, 9:00-18:00 CET

Contact us

Concept, planning and development

Progressive Web App development

Complete front and back end planning and development of your Offline First PWA.

  • We can coach, advise, and support your dev team, or we can be your dev team
  • In-depth concept and planning workshops covering UX and service design to architecture design
  • Remote work during EU Business Hours, 9:00-18:00 CET

Contact us

Why us?

We initiated the Offline First way of thinking about app design, and have been hard at work helping our customers fulfil their cutting-edge requirements ever since.

Our company has completed a range of challenging offline-capable apps in different industries on the cutting edge of technical feasibility:

  • An agricultural labour coordination software prototype
  • A prototype for the distributed inspection of avalanche protection structures in teh Swiss Alps
  • A mobile app and support infrastructure for tracking potential Ebola infections in the field during the 2013–2016 outbreak in West Africa, as well as mobile management software for the first ever successful Ebola vaccine trial
  • An offline-capable companion app for diabetes sufferers in sub-Saharan Africa that provides motivational messages, informative facts and the ability to track individual health status
  • A webapp for keeping meeting minutes. It allowed taking and reading minutes while completely offline as early as 2011, long before there was even a general awareness that this was possible with the available web technology.

To do this, we use:

Get in touch with us via email or find out more about Neighbourhoodie Software and the work we do.

More about Offline First

Read the introduction and then follow up on A List Apart. Visit a local event, join the Offline First Chat, catch up on what we’ve been up to on the Offline First blog, or find general information at offlinefirst.org.