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We make developers’ lives easier

We like to see people empowered, and we believe that access to great tools and knowledge should be possible regardless of location and team size. We aim to give developers a deep understanding of CouchDB through development and production support. We help clients build offline capable web applications, and run Greenkeeper, a service for keeping your npm dependencies up to date.

“We recently built a new product with Neighbourhoodie Software. They did a fantastic job and are an amazing team to work with.”

Products and Services

Our clients range from very small companies over medium-sized agencies to big NGOs, all of them with high standards and requirements. And don’t worry if you’re not based in Berlin, like us: we’re well versed in working with remote clients, also across different time zones and cultural backgrounds.

Greenkeeper: your software, up to date, all the time

npm Dependency Management Greenkeeper: your software, up to date, all the time

Greenkeeper provides stability and certainty in the rapidly shifting ecosystem npm modules, and automates annoying, error-prone chores, thus helping you ship up-to-date, stable software. Greenkeeper is free for Open Source projects, and companies can pick from a variety of enterprise plans most suitable for their environment.

Thanks to the new GitHub integration, Greenkeeper has now an even easier setup, less pull requests and is quicker than ever.

Apache CouchDB logo

We help you to relax Apache CouchDB™ Support & Consulting

Planning on implementing CouchDB or simply need help with your current architecture? Apache CouchDB is the database that syncs. We have been involved with CouchDB for over a decade and offer a wide range of professional services related to CouchDB

Ebola Response: Consulting

Custom Development Offline First Consulting and web app development

Want to build an offline capable app? We believe that web apps should work whether you are online or offline. Therefore, we have devoted our love, expertise and knowledge to building offline capable web apps. We have been leading the Offline First movement, co-organising the Offline First Camp twice in 2016 and again in 2017 in cooperation with IBM.

The Company

Besides classical client work, where we build web apps and do rapid prototyping, we also build, run and maintain our own product, offer consulting services on various topics, host meaningful tech events which stand for diversity and inclusion, as well as run an ambitious Open Source project.

Our Expertise

Experience and ambition have led us to a great range of expertise in technology:

Offline First

We believe in web apps which work, whether you are connected to the internet or not. Therefore, we put our energy into the Offline First movement and can advise on architecture and app design, as well as the novel challenges of designing offline-capable web apps.

Open Source Development

As maintainers of and contributors to several large Open Source projects, we can safely say that we know our way around. Do you depend on a package that needs work, or would like to Open Source some of your own software, for your own benefit as well as that of the public? We can help you with all of that.


We are the company that brought the Open Source project Hoodie to life. Hoodie is a backend providing user authentication, data persistence and offline-sync out of the box, and can easily be extended using plugins. Its front-end friendly APIs empower user experience designers and developers to build entire applications, without being limited by back-end constraints. Hoodie pioneered Offline First design principles on the web. We designed and built the project while fostering an Open Source community that now helps to drive the project forward.

Release automation and Dependency Management

Running our own products and releasing our own Open Source modules has led us to optimising and automating these processes to a high degree, culminating in the semantic-release, an Open Source tool for fully automated package publishing, as well as Greenkeeper, our service for managing npm dependencies. If you need help in either of these fields, we’re the ones to ask.

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Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate people who commit themselves to the human side of tech by being inclusive, welcoming and dedicated to our work and pushing the Open Source culture forward. Founded in 2014, our team has grown and is now made up of unique individuals across different fields. With our headquarters located in Berlin, and teammates representing us in New York and Los Angeles, we are deeply connected within the international tech industry.

Are you planning something new and would like our expertise from the beginning, throughout all phases of the project? We offer our consulting services at any point in your project, and can also run workshops with your team on a variety of topics. Or do you feel like a project has hit a blocker or really gone off the rails? Hire us as your task force, and we'll help you get back on track.

Alex Feyerke

Alex Feyerke Frontend Lead

Developer, designer and speaker on all things Offline First. Multi-disciplinary thinker and worker with 15+ years experience in web tech, design, usability and user-driven design.

Christoph Witzko

Christoph Witzko Backend Developer / Co-Founder of Greenkeeper

Gregor Martynus

Gregor Martynus Lead Developer

Ambassador for making tech accessible and designing beautiful, highly functional frontend interfaces, and equally capable at complex backend work. Inventor of Hoodie and minutes.io.

Irina Joanna Gebauer

Irina Joanna Gebauer Marketing / Product Management

Jan Lehnardt

Jan Lehnardt CEO

Vice President of Apache CouchDB, architect of Hoodie and with 15+ years of experience in web tech, databases, distributed systems, infrastructures, scaling and usability.

Joan Touzet

Joan Touzet Senior Developer / CouchDB specialist

Diana Thayer

Diana Thayer CouchDB support

Katharina Hößel

Katharina Hößel Developer

Lien Grützmacher

Lien Grützmacher Accounting

Stephan Bönnemann

Stephan Bönnemann Developer / Co-Founder of Greenkeeper

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