Starting with an inspection, run by our Opservatory collector software, our CouchDB Support Team will review the results and add individual information with regards to your CouchDB setup. You will receive a detailed report in pdf format with all issues in each CouchDB node, sorted by severity and urgency, complete with instructions on how to resolve them, plus the expert analysis provided by our CouchDB Support Team.

  • One-time analysis using our Opservatory collector software
  • Large scale analysis of your CouchDB and infrastructure by our expert team
  • Learn about existing problems and get hands-on experience to solve them

Our Architecture review process is designed to insure the least possible exposure of your database. We have no direct access to your data, and you have complete control over all code that is run and all data that is transmitted to us.

This is how it works:

  1. You fill out a questionnaire with details about your CouchDB setup and use case.
  2. You download and run our Opservatory collector software (a node.js CLI application), which gathers diagnostic data from your CouchDB clusters. This collector does not access your actual database content or transmit data anywhere, it just produces a zipped package of JSON with statistics and diagnostic information from your CouchDB. You can inspect the collector code before you run it, and the collector payload before you send it to us.
  3. You then email the collector payload to us. We will then analyse the data, produce your report and the architecture review, and email it to you.

Book three tickets or a call with our CouchDB Team to talk through the results! See our FAQ for more information.

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