Development Support

We’ll get you unstuck when you’re unsure whether you got your application architecture planned out correctly, you’re wondering how to structure your data, when you need assistance with a tricky reduce function or advice on syncing, backups, performance, or other matters: If it relates to CouchDB, we’re the people to ask.

Our Development Support includes:

Email support, initial architecture review, performance tuning, security checks and code reviews.


Monthly cost (plus VAT if applicable)
  Contract duration
  12 months 6 months 3 months
Tickets per month
5 (Small) 900 € 1.080 € 1.296 €
12 (Medium) 1.100 € 1.320 € 1.584 €
21 (Large) 1.900 € 2.280 € 2.736 €

Inquire about development support

Disclaimer: All pricing information is preliminary and based on previous experience with other CouchDB support clients. Actual prices may vary in order to accomodate unusual or unsupported configurations. If you are running your CouchDB on Windows please note that solving issues takes a lot more time. Therefore all tickets count double.

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